Blink Bulk is a product that enables blinkpay customers to make Bulk payments to beneficiaries’ mobile money accounts (The beneficiaries can be blinkpay customers or not).  This is a very popular product for organizations and business entities that disburse funds directly to mobile money accounts of different beneficiaries.

Blink Bulk enables blinkpay customers to make bulk payments by uploading an excel file. Blink Bulk can be configured to accept multiple authorizations if needed before a payment can be effected. Blink Bulk has the following features:

 1. Ability to create different lists of beneficiaries so that uploads of payment details are done once
2. Ability to deactivate or modify  beneficiary details  in the lists
3. Sub accounts with different access levels for different roles
4. Audit trail showing who initiated the payment, authorized it, cancelled it or modified a beneficiary record
5. Ability to have reports in html, excel and PDF
6. Transaction statements in html, excel and PDF

Bulk Payments are charged based on either inbound or outbound structures but not both as illustrated below:

a) Inbound mobile money transactions

For  inbound bulk payments charge structure,  a 3% transaction fee  of the amount is charged.  A customer that chooses this structure does not incur the outbound charges. Note: The mobile money account owner may still be charged standard mobile money transfer fees.

b) Outbound mobile money transactions

For outbound  bulk payments charge structure, a flat fee of 650 UGX is charged per transaction. Again, customers who choose this charge structure do not incur the inbound charges.

c) Internal Transfers (Blink 2 Blink Bulk)
For internal transfers, that is, transferring money from one blinkpay account to another blinkpay account, a transactional fee of 0.5% per transaction applies.

All transaction charges, apart from network operator charges, are reflected on your transaction statement. Should you find any charge on your statement that you do not understand, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking for an explanation.