The blinkpay POS is commission based and has no upfront costs. However for business owners that want airtime vending and bill payments enabled, a minimum stock deposit of 750,000 UGX (Seven hundred fifty thousand Uganda Shillings) is required. The 700,000 UGX will be deposited on the merchants account for bill payments while 50,000 UGX is management/adminsitrative fee.

The 700,000 UGX deposited will be the float from which business owners earn different commissions from the sell of airtime and bill payments. This stock amount is deposited on the business owner’s account on blinkpay to facilitate airtime and bill payments. It is not the cost of blinkpay POS. For those business not interested in airtime vending and bill payments, this money is not required.
Since the business owners do not pay any money to acquire or purchase the blinkpay POS terminal, it remains the property of Blink Systems Ltd. However, all the commissions made from the sale of airtime, data bundles and bill payments and any balance of bought stock if available is the property of the business owner.