blinkpay  is a product of Blink Systems Limited , a fintech company incorporated in Uganda with a sole aim of providing Last Mile Payment Solutions.

blinkpay  is a versatile user friendly customized and tailor made Point of Sale (POS) terminal that enables mobile money end users to pay for ordinary goods such as salt, soap, sugar, paraffin, transport fares, groceries , fuel etc. directly using mobile money from any shop where a blinkpay  POS is available. It also enables payment for utilities such as water, electricity, pay TV, airtime and data.

The blinkpay POS

blinkpay POS

The blinkpay  merchants (these are the locations where blinkpay  services are located such as shops, supermarkets, restaurants, fuel stations, schools etc.) earn extra revenue streams in form of commissions from the extra services delivered through the blinkpay  POS terminal such as payment of utility bills, Pay TV, URA taxes, airtime and data.

For clients who want to pay for goods and services using cash, or a combination of cash and mobile money or a combination of all the two (Mobile money and Cash ) blinkpay  enables business to accept such payments securely and conveniently to the user and business owner. All payments on blinkpay  are logged and receipts can be printed if required. 

For online business, there is a blinkpay  API that enables integration with any online business enabling clients to pay for goods and services using the blinkpay  payments API (mobile money, normal Debit or VISA). Such payments are sent directly to the merchants account (either bank account or mobile money account).

All businesses that use blinkpay  have an intuitive graphical interface through which they monitor incoming payments, stock available, as well as settle funds to their bank accounts or mobile money wallets. Furthermore, merchants are able to generate useful reports and carry out data analytics to enable them make informed decisions about their business.

As seen, blinkpay  enables end users to pay for goods and services conveniently and securely. It empowers business owners to make evidence based decisions based on blinkpay  real time reports on stock available and reports on sales (categorized by method of payment such as mobile money, bank or cash). Business owners earn extra revenue from the commissions from blinkpay  extra services.

The blinkpay  POS is suitable for all types of business from the smallest shops to the largest business (consultancy firms, schools, clinics shops, etc.)